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The Nova Funeral Cars Story

For over 60 years, we have had a profound passion for vehicles. On October 14, 1963, Tiny van Ravensteijn (1929) registered with 'The Secretary of State for Economic Affairs' (the former Chamber of Commerce) as “Automobile and Garage Company M.J.W. van Ravensteijn”, located at Driek van Erpstraat 39 in Oss. At the time, this was located on the edge of the city of Oss.
Tiny & Marc van Ravenstein
His son, Marc van Ravensteijn (1965), also grew up in Driek van Erpstraat 39 and spent every free hour in the workshop. His fascination with cars and automotive technology blossomed near his father and the garage company.

After successfully completing his education at the IVA in Driebergen, Marc took over his father's company in 1986 and specialized in selling young used American cars. For Marc, the United States represented a country of limitless possibilities, and his passion for American vehicles came from their impressive and robust status.
Marc van Ravensteijn in his 'younger years'.
In 2002, halfway through his career, after careful consideration, Marc decided to focus on funeral mobility and limousines. This field offered specific wishes, expectations and challenges. He focused entirely on this segment and became the European market leader in both American and European funeral cars.
Marc van Ravenstein
Marc & Ralph van Ravensteijn while producing a presentation.
During this period, Ralph (2000) and Ward (1998) became acquainted with the family business. The familiar office remained located at Driek van Erpstraat 39, now right in the center. Their involvement started with “taking a look at Dad” after school, but quickly evolved into washing cars and producing promotional videos for funeral cars. For Ralph, this was a crucial time when he realized that his future lay here.
Marc & Ralph van Ravensteijn at the BEFA Düsseldorf in 2014.
Trading has now become a tradition within the van Ravensteijn family, which is passed on from generation to generation. When Ralph and Ward also completed their education at the IVA in Driebergen in 2017, the step towards joint entrepreneurship was a logical next step.
Ralph & Ward van Ravensteijn with a satisfied customer in 2013
In 2018, Piet Verstraaten (1965), formerly a regular customer, came back into contact with the gentlemen from Ravensteijn. The same norms and values, combined with a shared passion for funeral cars and trade, brought them together. The question of whether they should work together or compete was quickly answered, resulting in the creation of Budget Hearses. This young and dynamic company, supported by decades of experience and an extensive network, quickly grew into a market leader.

The Verstraaten family name has been associated with transport since 1949. In that year, Piet Verstraaten Sr. started freight transport and passenger transport. In the sixties, his son, Piet jr., took over the company and focused mainly on patient transport, student transport and staff transport. In 1988, the company was taken over by the third generation, Geert-Jan and Piet jr., with the aim of becoming a national player in the field of business passenger transport and deceased care and transport. In recent years, the 4e generation, with five strong men, joined the family business. In addition to its activities in the funeral industry, the Verstraaten Group is also still active in business passenger transport and the transport world. Every day, more than 200 employees work on a bright future for the company.
2024 - Present
In 2024, Budget Hearses transformed into Nova Funeral Cars. NOVA symbolises both the end and a new beginning, which perfectly captures the essence of the company's philosophy. To this day, we remain true to the principles of (grand) father Tiny: “Honesty takes the longest” and “It only gets good when you enjoy it”. We've laid a solid foundation for the next 60 years!
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