Silent and climate neutral.

Discover the revolutionary E-Hearses

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Contribute to a cleaner climate
Timeless and Modern
Check out the Tesla Model 3 E-Hearse
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Silent and climate neutral.

From the beginning of 2023, Nova Funeral Cars will offer electric funeral transport. To meet the growing demand for sustainable funeral transport, we are introducing the E-Hearse eco-label. This label symbolises years of experience and expertise in the field of funeral transport, combined with the latest environmentally friendly developments in the EV sector.

The Tesla Model 3 and Mercedes-Benz Evito/EQV quickly established themselves as a reliable electric vehicle (EV). Both vehicles combine timeless design with the most advanced technology.

Reduce your environmental impact and make a well-considered choice for your funeral car with Nova Funeral Cars.

Silent and climate neutral.

An E-Hearse combines impressive performance with state of the art safety and technology. The efficient electric powertrain is quiet, economical and comfortable.
Access to environmental zones
Minimal maintenance costs
The most modern systems in the field of safety

With Nova Funeral Cars, you are assured of;

Exclusive Assortment
Our selection of funeral cars ensures that funeral companies can distinguish themselves through elegance and prestige.
Thinking along
We understand that every funeral is unique, and so is every funeral director. That's why we offer personalized advice.
Exceptional service
We offer comprehensive support and advice to help funeral companies excel in their services.
Personal contact
We believe in old-fashioned personal contact, experience our “Southern Hospitality” and visit our showroom in Oss.