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If your current funeral car is obsolete or if you have a different vehicle in mind, we offer the opportunity to sell your current funeral car to us. With personal contact and fast processing, we guarantee a fair price for your funeral car. Easy and efficient.
Fair price
Easy and efficient
Fast payment

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At Nova Funeral Cars, you can easily sell your funeral car! The honest and fast way of acting makes us a reliable partner; with our regular car purchases, many funeral directors have already experienced this positively. We guarantee personal contact, fast processing and a fair price. Our optimized process ensures an effortless process from the first contact to the final sale.

Contact us today for effortless processing and professional service!

Selling your car with Nova Funeral Cars

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“Selling a car isn't just about exchanging metal for money; it's about passing on memories and stories to someone else, and making room for new adventures.”

Fair price
We understand that your funeral car is not just a vehicle. That's why we're committed to offering a fair price that reflects the value of your car.
Easy and efficient
From initial contact to final sale, we've optimized our process for simplicity and efficiency. Every step is effortless.
Fast payment
Within a period of 48 hours after the sales agreement, you will receive payment directly into your account.